Welcome to the first virtual co-learning campus for Teens. A place that will change your perspective on alternative learning.

What will you get in WorkspaceSKY Teens?

Our offers include a season or a three season pass that gives you and your teen a certain amount of hours, free opportunities, classes, events, advisories and much more. Check out our success stories first, before you continue to the offer.

Meet Electra, a passionate enthusiastic SKY teen who knows every part of our campus, loves doing yoga by the lake, fights for civil rights and loves ecology. 

For 350$ a season Electra got to: 

  • Participate in our social events and meet Teens her age.
  • Attend a songwriting class with our amazing advisor Ana.
  • Attend our advisors and explore her career and college opportunities. 
  • Organize her virtual learning space and time on the campus. 
  • Spend some quality time with her parents in our parent orientation events.

Now Jack on the other hand, wanted to give it a go for 3 whole seasons, for just $850!

What did he do?

  • He found a friend and they started a podcast
  • He got 300h of free programming!
  • He attended our speed-friending activities and found his crew!
  • He did some big soul searching with our advisors and discovered his talents!
  • He organized his first book-reading club!

Awesome right?

Choose your favorite package and help your teen find their tribe!

If you’re still not convinced this is what you’re looking for, there are more ways to test it out. Si gn up for one of our events and learn more about what we have to offer!

Meet Hope!

Hope is one of our regular event guests, and can help you and your Teen find out the perks of being a WorkspaceSKY Teen!

Check out our event list, and see it for yourself!