Open house event in January

Last week, we had the opportunity to organize an Open House event on Friday, January 28th. Although we were extremely excited about it and did a lot to prepare to accommodate all the pod leaders, parents, and future students of ours – we wanted to share the story and keep you in the loop on how our event went. We hope that by learning more about our Open House events, you learn and decide to join us in the future either as a spectator, or a participant, and maybe even a contributor. Who knows?! 😊

In total, we had 14 participants on Friday: 8 new learners, 4 parents, and 2 educators who joined us to see what we are building on our virtual campus and see what our mission is. 🚀

As the journey of each individual is unique and different, we divided our Open House event into a few sections – some dedicated to parents, and some dedicated to teenagers who are thinking about joining us. We took the time to show newcomers around and get them familiar with our virtual campus and its many worlds. Needless to say, they were pumped to discover the magnitude of things that are possible when the Sky is the limit! 🤩

In total, we have done 4 separate tours around the campus, explored the underwater world, laughed a lot during the comedy session, and had an amazing time with our Spanish Club. Oh, and it gets even better – we learned about Spanish while experiencing Machu Picchu in all its glory. The teens had a speed friending activity under the northern lights, so everyone got to make a new friend or two this Friday!

In these interactive spaces, we are able to provide our learners with all the necessary resources to learn about a topic they are curious about, so it is always unique and exciting for everyone! 🙌

During the parents’ panel, we talked a bit about our approach to colearning, building interactive spaces, and why we believe that colearning and new age education have advantages that can successfully break free from the shackles of the traditional educational system. Something that made us particularly excited this week was the fact that two of the parents started sharing their stories and the difficulties they were experiencing with the traditional system of education. Then, they agreed to network to try and accomplish more together, as well as brainstorm new ideas on how to improve the schooling experience of their own teens. Very few things are as rewarding as seeing colearning and collaboration happen right in front of you.

How amazing is that? ⭐

We believe in common dreams and we believe that together we can accomplish more than when we are on our own. Our notebook is full of ideas for new Open House events to come, and we are excited to learn about your ideas as well!

We would love it if you could join us at our next Open House event where we can share ideas, create new experiences, and brainstorm on how we can shape the new face of education.

Keep an eye out on your inbox so as not to miss our invitation about the upcoming event!

See you there! 💪

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