The average teen gets 15 minutes of guidance counseling in the conventional school system.

Adolescence is a time of great physical and biological change.  With hormonal changes, social pressure and test anxiety, it is a time when relationships and mental health are strained.  

Leaving the conventional school system can help tremendously with these issues.  Our coaches are experts in helping teens and their parents navigate the high school years, and the issues that arise inside and outside of the conventional school system.

Our coaches will establish warm, trusting relationships with you and provide a safe space for your emotions and questions.

They will support you in managing changes in your environment, all the challenges that parenting and schooling may bring and help your teen navigate their way towards becoming self-directed and fully self-actualized. 

We can help you navigate obstacles that may be affecting your relationship with your teen, and help your teen reengage in life and their education.

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